White Paper Qualitätssicherung in Zeiten der E-Mobilität

Quality assurance in the era of e-mobility.

How experts from industry and academia plan

Which technologies are needed today and in the future for e-mobility? This is no easy question, because it involves long-term investments. As such, we have asked experts from industry and research for an assessment.

In this white paper, you will find the responses from EDAG and other subject matter experts to the following questions: 

  • Which technologies are you relying on today and in the future of e-mobility?
  • What is changing in individual components such as vehicle body, interior construction or engine?
  • What are the advantages of optical and tactile measurement technology?
  • Does tactile measurement technology have a future in e-mobility?
  • How much is e-mobility changing measurement technology?

The white paper will provide insight into the measurement strategies of different subject matter experts as well as a differentiated view of the complexity of the situation. It will help you to evaluate current measurement strategies and provide approaches for future orientation.

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Format: PDF, 15 pages


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